Leather and Denim


I really need to start getting a bit more creative with these titles... That one is pretty self-explanatory, but oh well.

So, hope you guys enjoyed the vlog I posted last week, in case you even watched it haha. I will actually be posting another one in a few days, sooo I hope you don't absolutely hate them, that one should be a bit more interesting, or at least I hope so. But I definitely want to start posting again a bit more on my youtube channel, I forgot how much I actually enjoy editing and making videos (I've made like ten, but still). This year at uni we'll also have an actual fashion film class which I'm SO excited about. If my video doesn't turn out crap, whatever it will be that I'll be doing, I might be posting it here for you guys. Currently, I'm also in the process of filming another lookbook, so that should be fun.

I've also just realised that I'll be back in Scotland just in a few weeks. Seems crazy, but I'm so excited to be back. The only thing I'm really not looking forward to is packing because there's a lot I need to pack and only one suitcase and one carry-on that I can take with me. My shoes will probably fill half of the suitcase, so I'm pretty much screwed. Thankfully my mom and dad are visiting me in October, so I'll just ask them to bring loads of my stuff with them too because unfortunately, it's gonna be quite a small portion of my clothes I'll be actually able to take with me for now. How will I be able to choose what to take, ahhh. Send help.

But hope you guys like this look! Been loving these jeans I got on sale from Zara. They're so cool and make the simplest outfit look super stylish! Can't really go wrong with pieces like that.




MY FIRST VLOG - a few days in my life

Hey again! If you read my previous posts you know that my friend was visiting me here in Finland last week and I decided that I wanted to try out vlogging while I was actually doing something a bit more interesting with my life hahah. I'm really new to all this vlogging thing but I actually really liked it, maybe you'll be seeing more of them in the future. Helsinki vlog at least will be up within the next week! But hope you enjoy this one first.

xx Linda




Hey guys! Here's a few pictures of the outfit I wore yesterday, two versions of it actually. I did prefer the one without the silver top (even though it is gorgeous), but decided to wear it over the smaller top because it was a bit chilly. Don't really have much to update you guys with today, my friend from Scotland is currently on her way and I will be picking her up in a few hours. I'm so excited I don't know how to function properly anymore, let alone write anything here. So I'll just leave it here, enjoy the pictures, see you guys in a week!

(Shoutout to my abs in these pictures btw, all those hours at the gym have definitely paid off, damn)






Just decided to come here and quickly say hello. My mornings have usually looked like this while I've been on holiday. Obviously I set up everything nicely for this photo, because I'm as fake as most people on the internet hahah -- in reality some of the coffee would probably be on the table or on my shirt (clumsy mess alert) , and the table would be our kitchen one which isn't as aesthetically pleasing as this one and no, I don't need sunglasses next to me while chilling at home either, just got them in the post today though and I was too lazy to put them anywhere and they look nice. Kinda make me look like an alien but I'm all about that look, been so obsessed with sunglasses lately!

I wish my life was more interesting than this, but pretty much how I've been spending most of my days has been reading fashion news (I always write down all the interesting things from the news just so I can look at them later for inspo/knowledge/for fun etc.), watching youtube videos (MIGHT do a vlog next week when my friend comes -- stay tuned for that!), drinking loads and loads of coffee (slowly becoming a caffeine addict) and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook (MEMES). Once in a while I edit pictures and come here to write something. I occasionally have a social life too, hah.

And that's it for now, I'll try to post an #ootd here before my friend comes because I won't be posting when she's here. But we'll see, byyyyye.

Sunglasses are from Asos and phone case is from Nunuco Design (link) .





My titles just keep getting better and better I know.

I was planning on doing this post earlier but because I had super long work days this weekend (12-15h), and on Sunday I was so tired from all the work and not sleeping much that my day consisted of coffee and Game Of Thrones and I really couldn't be arsed to think of anything interesting to write. But now I'm back, and really don't have anything interesting to write now either but hey ho, at least the pictures are decent. Yesterday while being a sloth I finally caught up with GOT, and now unfortunately have to wait a week for new episodes.. How sad, can't believe that back in the day we had to do this with every show... Just kidding, I'm not actually that bothered because at least now I have time to start a new show that I can obsess over, if you guys have any recommendations lemme know.

This week I'm not really planning on doing anything interesting, but that's what I've been enjoying a lot lately. Just little over a month and then I'm back in Scotland again, starting my second year of uni. I'm so happy being back in Finland but I also miss Scotland so so much, especially my friends. And because everyone will be living in flats this year (last year we were all living in the same building) I can't wait for all the house warming parties and the life of not having to share a kitchen with 9 other people. Finally I can make my chicken and sweet potato fries in peace. Or actually with my bestie (who just asked me today how to make scrambled eggs... So I guess I'll be making dinner for two from now on.. Just kidding Emma, love you). She's actually coming to Finland for a week this Sunday and I couldn't be more excited. The only problem is that my home city isn't that big (or interesting) and I really don't know that many places where I'd take her, but she said she'd be happy even though we'd just chill at my room. And to be fair, that's perfectly fine with me too. Aw, aren't we cute.


Hope you're all having a great start of the week!